Rachel Rakovan

Producer, CEO of Eco Action Nonprofit Environmental Organization, 

American Royal Beauties Ms. Pennsylvania,

and Ms. Pennsylvania Northern States 2018

eco action

Rachel Rakovan

An Environmental Scientist and the CEO and Founder of Eco Action Nonprofit Environmental Organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ( ). As a former Biology and Ecology professor for the Community College of Beaver County, Rachel provides environmental education through PCTV on her show called, ‘Eco Action with Rachel Rakovan.’ She believes environmental education mobilizes people to take responsibility for pollution and participate in grass roots activism. Her television show details the history of environmental problems in Pittsburgh, stewards, culprits, and the gap between activism and idealism. Her show can be found on YouTube and is aired on public television channels 22 and 48. Rachel also attends grade schools and does presentations on honey bee demise, the importance of worm turbulence, mycorrhizae in agriculture, renewable energy, natural healing, and much more. To join a litter pickup effort or book Rachel for an environmental education seminar, contact Rachel at (724)719-5366.


Eco Action also promotes personal detoxification as a reactionary method related to pollution and emissions. Rachel promotes natural healing as an atuned Reiki healer and promotes the sale of organic and sustainable products and services, which can be found at: . She is a licensed Energy and Technology Consultant and she is licensed in Green Business and Sustainability via Duquesne University. So, consulting on environmental problems, solutions, energy, and holistic wellness comes naturally to Ms. Rakovan. Donations to victims of hurricane Harvey and hurricane Irma can also be made through Rachel’s site and distributed through the Red Cross at

Rachel Rakovan is also a renewable energy consultant for Xoom Energy and Xoom Solar and she is the sole consultant listed with the Department of Environmental Protection and the only stakeholder that is active in Penn Future’s ‘Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future’ campaign, which has a goal to expand in-state solar generation to 10 percent of sales by 2030. Rachel understands that pollution prevention is always the best policy because environmental regulations can be unequally implemented and lack enforcement depending on variables such as individual responsibility and location. Rachel Rakovan partners with Feeding America Nonprofit to feed over 300 children every month through renewable energy transfers with Xoom Energy and Xoom Solar. She can be contacted at the at or for more information on how residential and commercial businesses can receive renewable energy at wholesale rates (with or without installations) and feed a hungry child every month. Rates and services on all forms of energy and technology can also be viewed on her Rachel also helps people get their gas, electric, and cell services free of charge. Contact her at the number above for more information.

Rachel Rakovan is also providing branding, marketing advising, and research for a company that provides THC free CBD powders for people with a variety of health concerns. These new products are completely organic and gluten free. They help conditions such as ADD, Anorexia,

Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Cancer, Epilepsy, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, PTSD, Sleep Disorders, Stress, etc. Contact Rachel at(724)719-5366, if you have a health condition and seek natural healing solutions over prescription medications. Again, Rachel is a proponent of natural healing because she understands that the pharmaceutical industry makes customers… not cures.


For fun and to enhance her charitable efforts, Rachel is currently producing three state-wide model competitions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. The Pennsylvania Model of the Year Competition is to be held in April 2018.  Rachel Rakovan is donating profits to the Georgie Badiel Foundation to rehabilitate wells in Africa. This effort changes the lives of women and girls around the world, by allowing them to spend more time playing and studying. To find out more about how you can enter her competitions and support water well rehabilitation, contact Rachel Rakovan at (724)719-5366 or email her at with MODEL COMPETITIONS in the subject. Additional information can be found at:


Most importantly, Rachel is a mother of two (Vivian and Elowyn Jeffries) and spends her free time in the fashion industry as a fashion model, event producer, and pageant queen. Vivian Jeffries (Rachel's 8-year-old daughter) is Junior Miss Pittsburgh Fashion Week. Rachel currently holds the title of Ms. Independence Day Pennsylvania 2017, she also won the 2017 annual modeling award at Heather Habura’s Platinum Modeling Showcase, and Rachel is also Ms. Pennsylvania Northern States 2018 and American Royal Beauties Ms. Pennsylvania! Rachel promotes renewable energy as a prevention to toxins in the environment and natural healing and detoxification as a reaction. She also promotes self-love at any size, age, of any ethnicity, and as long as we all believe in ourselves and we have a great support network, like these Model of the Year 2018 competitions, we truly can be AMAZING!

louis streetz

Louis Short

As a Personal Development and Peak Performance Coach, for the past 12 plus years Louis (Streetz) has been striving to help as many people as possible follow and fulfill their dreams and build businesses while overcoming their deepest fears.
Louis (Streetz) Short was born and raised just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He became interested in popping (a form of dance) around 1997. From the start Louis wanted to be the best popper he could and has battled at numerous jams and ciphers with some of the best poppers known. With his knowledge of dance, Louis has provided many workshops to inspire next generation Hip Hop dancers. Louis has also performed in and around Pittsburgh for years with nearly every Hip Hop artist in the city. In early 2010 Louis joined the Get Down Gang and has not  stopped his quest to be the best!
 Get Ryte Entertainment LLC is becoming one of the world's leading producers of entertainment, information and inspiration. This movement is driven by creativity and innovation.
 Get Ryte Ent. is a Pittsburgh based company with an international platform. Our purpose is to help Develop, Manage, Promote and Distribute projects for our clients worldwide!
Most popular services include: development, management, promotion, global distribution, licensing, publishing, online monitization, photography, video production, design, competitions, fashion, more....!
Contact info: FB-GetRyteEnt / ig-GetRyteEnt412 /
We started as Get Ryte Promotions.” Louis Streetz, the CEO, continues to say that it was a group of friends who wished to enhance events in Pittsburgh.
It wasn’t until they saw the possibilities that they began putting on performances aside from parties and events
Louis says, “We actually started bringing in talent to dance, rap, sing, put on fashion shows.” This is what gave birth to Get Ryte Entertainment as Streetz wanted to start focusing on managing people, distribution, and marketing.
Louis says, “Ever since then we focus on three main things; management, marketing, and distribution.”
Clearly he’s doing something right because when asked about what the company has done successfully so far he responds, “My point of view of Get Ryte’s success is that all of our clients are happy.”
He goes on to state that the company was built so artists and models would not be troubled with typical record label and agency signing nonsense, such as owing money and not being told what to do, but
having to find a way to do it as well.
Louis praises the system Get Ryte has built for itself as it caters to the clients rather than the company.
Louis talks about one of the biggest issues he’s had with clients or talent. “The biggest problem that we deal with, because the talent is on the come up and trying to break into the industry, the biggest struggle with them is having to get them to realize that people don’t owe them anything.” In fact he continues to say that it’s typical, “When we first start working with artists, 8/10 think we’re going to do the work for them.”
This frustrates Louis because when the talent doesn’t want to put in the work it makes it difficult for the company to do its job.
Aside from those issues Get Ryte Entertainment is more than just music, as the motto states, and Louis hopes that the company has impacted lives for the better.
In closing, Louis Streetz Short emphasizes his
hopes for the company to expand and get a location outside of Pennsylvania.

Alexis Johnson-Rasheed

Pennsylvania Model of the Year National Brand Ambassador.